Saturday, February 5, 2011

Junk Drawer Organization

I was inspired by what I saw over at A Bowl Full of Lemons and Organizing Junkie. They have tons of organizing projects going on right now and tips to help get your home organized. I am so busy with two little ones that I need all of the organizing tips I can get. A few extra hands won't hurt either. Anyway, I decided to stop by my local dollar store and pick up some baskets to help organize our junk drawer in our kitchen. Everybody has one of those. It's just a catch all for things you need when you need them. So here are my before and after shots. I am proud of my accomplishmebnt and I just hope that we can keep it this way.




Sarah said...

What a transformation! I am too scared to tackle our "stuff drawer" for now. Ha ha!

Sarah. x

Marbel said...

Excellent! I am impressed!

They call me Natacha said...

Ohhh, my junk drawer in the kitchen is next as well! You did a fantastic job! I also take part in the challenges posted at A Bowl Full Of Lemons and Organizing Junkie in case you want to check out what I have accomplished so far (just started a few days ago myself!)
Greetings from Luxembourg