Friday, July 13, 2012

Closet tour

I wish the hubby would just allow me to have our walk-in closet all to myself but I know that's not happening. So until I win that battle I try to work with what I have. I eventually would like to have a closet system but for right now this works for us.

I place an ikea desk to use as a vanity and I also made my own nail polish rack. The nail polish rack was made out of foam boards from dollar tree and decorated with scrapbook paper.

The Ikea Micke desk holds all of my make up that I don't use. Lol. Unless its a special occasion. It holds my perfume collection as well.

We also placed two Ikea Hermes dressers in our closet. One is on the hubby's side as well. I keep my jewelry on top.

So until the hubby allows me to take over his side I have to deal with this. I'm currently looking for ways to store my purses. They are starting to overflow the little bookshelf I have in the closet. Well that's all folks.